With a wide range of materials we can engrave, we can help you find your next custom business promotion. Our website offers a large range of products, which we can customize for your business or personal needs. With inhouse engraving, embroidering, and a variety of decorating and embellishment methods, we have your business and personal needs covered. 

Drinkware – Glass, Insulated bottles,Flasks

Etched glassware is beautiful and makes perfect gifts for weddings and special occasions. Logos also look great on glassware and bottles. We carry a range of insulated water bottles and coffee tumblers that are ideal for business or personal use. This category is highly functional so you can assured people will 

Fabric engraving and Twill 

This is an up and coming trend with impressive results. Micro fleece, cotton, and polyester can be laser engraved. The top layer of fabric is being lasered off, so the colour remains the same but you see the letters or image in the fabric.

We specialize in laser cutting TWILL or appliques for sewing onto apparel. Twill cutting has been traditionally done with different technology, but laser machines now complete these jobs with efficiency and accuracy that is second to none. Typically you have to order your twill pre-cut from outside sources with minimums, but our inhouse engraving means we can do your next twill job without minimums

Leather (and synthetic leather)

Coasters, Journals, wall art, dog collars and leads, and fun stuff too for scrap booking and dioramas. This category is large and will continue to grow so stay tuned. 

Lamacoid Plastics for signage and nameplates 

These products offers a huge selection of products from solid colours to a touch of nature featuring the look of hardwood, marble and granite as well as metal. We specialize in equestrian name plates for stall doors, and barn signage.

Metal Engraving and marking

Can be done on aluminum, pewter, stainless steel, brass, copper, and coated metals. The customization of products for business and personal in this category is vast. ie: knife blades and handles, flasks, tags, commercial and business applications.

Stone and marble are naturals for engraving

Slate coasters are beautiful engraved. Engraved granite memorial stones for a beloved pet are thoughtful accents for your garden. Photo engraving on granite look amazing, and we offer this personalized service.


Can be engraved with high resolution graphics on items such as business cards, cutting boards, live edge wood, wooden handles on knives, coasters, and wood flashdrives. We also vector cut wood templates. Look for our unique wooden laser cut boxes for weddings and keepsakes!

Photo Engraving

Produces stunning results whether it’s on wood, acrylic, leather, or slate.